FAQs – Zithromax

What type of side effects have Zithromax® users experienced?

The most dangerous side effects of Zithromax® are liver damage leading to liver failure, liver tranplant or death. In the early stages of liver damage in Zithromax® patients, symptoms of liver damage may be difficult to detect. In later stages, the symptoms may include yellow eyes, abdominal pain, nausea, clay colored stools and dark urine. In rare cases, Zithromax® patients have suffered severe liver damage resulting in death or liver transplant surgery.
How Serious Are The Problems Experienced By Zithromax® Users?

The FDA has required Pfizer to add to their warning that abnormal liver functioning, jaundice, necrosis and hepatic (liver) failure and death have been reported by persons taking the drug. Pfizer recently agreed to the FDA demands for label changes but have known for a number of years of the severity of the liver toxicity of Zithromax® after receiving reports from doctors of damage. Only three doses of the drug are reported to have caused a patient to suffer immediate liver damage leading to total liver failure requiring a liver traslplant within a few months. Liver damage symptoms often includes nausea, vomiting, jaundice and dark urine.
Do Zithromax® Users Have A Right To Be Compensated For Any Health Problems Caused By Zithromax®?

If Zithromax® has caused you or a loved one significant physical damage, you may be entitled to a large compensatory award. You must protect those legal rights before they lapse by passage of time and are barred by various states’ statutes of limitations. You should contact an attorney to evaluate your rights. Many valuable legal rights are lost everyday because of people’s failure to take legal precautions.